#004: Hal Elrod Interview [Podcast]

In this episode I interview Hal Elrod, speaker, success coach and two time best selling author. We focus on his latest book, The Miracle Morning: The not-so-obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8 am.  Miracle Morning - Nick Palkowski Youth Speaker



Most people wake up and life pretty much stays the same. Most people resist waking up. They resist living their life. The Miracle Morning can help make each morning feel like Christmas morning, where you are so excited to wake up and live your day intentionally.

Success Quotes
“Where you are is a result of who you were, but where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.” Hal Elrod
Rear-view Mirror Syndrome – When faced with a challenge you look at how you would of handled it in the past and using the information to handle it now. Instead you need to look forward to who you want to become and respond how that person would
“Your leave of success will rarely exceed your leave of personal development.” Jim Rohn
To reach Level 10 success in every area of your life you need to become a Level 10 person through intentional growth.
Will the Miracle Morning help high school and college students?
Yes! Hundreds of college students have already implemented the Miracle Morning in their lives. The earlier you can learn the secret the better.
What is the Miracle Morning?
It is intentional time you spend working on you. It’s a way to jump start and energize your day.
The main components of the Miracle Morning are:
  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visualize
  • Exercise
  • Scribe
The suggested length of your Miracle Morning is one hour, 10 minutes for each part. In the book Hal gives you a six minute fast action Miracle Morning and even helps you customize your routine to make it work with your life.
How to conquer the snooze button
  • Bedtime affirmation – We need to actively and consciously set your intentions for the morning. Decide the night before what your morning will be like.
  • Move the alarm clock – Set your alarm clock across the room so you need to get out of bed. In addition, decide the night before what action you are going to as soon as you shut off the alarm.
  • Drink water right away – When you wake up you will be dehydrated from a nights worth of sleep, re-hydrate yourself right away for extra energy and the motivation to get the morning going.
Get the most out of 2013
  • Get clear about what your Level 10 year looks like. Do this in writing.
  • What do you need to do each day to make it a reality.
  • Create a schedule. You need to be intentional about your life.
Those who only do what they feel like, don’t do much.

Special Announcements

I highly recommend this book and want everyone of the Ninja Leaders listeners to get it. As an extra incentive, if you go buy The Miracle Morning by Jan 1st, forward your receipt to Chris@NickPalkowski.com and I will give you my newest ebook How to Conduct a Weekly Review and Gain Control of your Time Without Losing your Life.

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