#005: Michael Costigan Interview [Podcast]

In this week’s episode I interview youth speaker Michael Costigan. We focus on the topic of presenting and keynote speaking. Take a look into Michael’s process of designing and developing his speech to deliver a powerful impact to audiences.

Youth Leadership Speaking - Nick Palkowski

  • Learn how to find your style and connect with your audience.
  • Learn how to improve your speaking ability.
  • How to craft and organize your speech. What’s the story?
  • How to handle American’s #1 fear… speaking in public.
  • The importance of feedback.
  • Tips to handle a speaking contest

Special Announcements

I first met Michael in 2011 through a speaking coach, Josh Shipp. Josh is now the host of his own Lifetime tv show, Teen Trouble. He is a highly in demand speaker and outstanding individual who is changing lives. Josh is opening up his coaching program Youth Speaker University. If you have any interest in becoming a youth speaker no one does a better job at laying out the business of becoming a paid keynote speaker.

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