How to stand out and make ripples of change [Podcast]

What is it that makes you stand out? Focusing on and developing your unique abilities will not only increase your life enjoyment but can help create a change that ripples out into the world.

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That is only the tip of the iceberg of what we talk about on the podcast this week. Paul Wesselmann is my guest. Each week Paul is responsible for inspiring tens of thousands of people as the creator of The Ripples Project and as a leadership trainer. He has a great personality and delivers some knock out, actionable content. Take a listen.


In this interview we cover some extremely important topics to growing as a student leader including:

  • How to take responsibility for your energy?
  • The two types of listeners. Do you know which you are?
  • The difference between success in high school and success in the rest of your life. A MUST KNOW!!
  • The one skill that will help propel you to your goals, AND how to develop it.

What more convincing do you need? Listen already

Ok…. If that still wasn’t enough, here’s Paul’s car.


Now you must listen

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Success Quote

Please take responsibility for the energy you bring to this place.” Dr. Jill Taylor

Website: Paul Wesselmann

Website: The Ripples Project

Facebook: Paul “The Ripples Guy” Wesselmann

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