#016: How to stop wondering what to do and make decisions [Podcast]

Leaders need to be comfortable in their own skin. You need to be comfortable with you. This episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast will help you get comfortable with your uniqueness. Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Blake Fly shares with us how to stop that struggle and take action.

Student leadership Speaker - Blake Fly

Blake knows the world of student life and Resident Advisors. He delivers excellent advice on how to take your campus or organization to a new level.


Here are a few essential points on how to get the most out of your study time.

  • The struggle most people have in making decisions, and the mindset you need to make the right ones
  • How to stop wondering what to do and start taking action
  • 1 quick way to put struggles in perspective
  • The importance of keeping connected the old fashioned way
  • Simple secrets to creating culture in your org or on your campus
  • How to discover and focus on your true priorities
  • Train your brain to be positive!
  • Ways to find a mentor and grow that mentor relationship

Success Quote

“You can never make the right decision, you can only make decisions and then make them right.” Anonymous (aka Blake’s dad)

Take Action Challenge

  • Thank you challenge: This week each day write 20 things you are thankful for. I’m going to do this. Let me know if you take this on and how it goes. I’ll be sharing mine on the various social webs, #ThankYouChallenge. Give an “I’m in” shout out.

Episode Resources

Website: Blake Fly

Twitter: @BlakeFly

Facebook: BlakeFly

Email: Blake@BlakeFly.com


  1. New release times: I’m re-doing and re-focusing here on the blog. Looking into how much content I’m releasing and testing when is best. The Ninja Leaders Podcast is moving to a Friday release. The full re-launch of the blog content will happen starting April 29th.
  2. Speaking programs: It’s officially ropes course season! I attended two facilitator trainings this last weekend and have a three day program starting tomorrow. Are you looking for team building in your student org? My summer dates are filling up fast and after attending NACA Northern Plains fall dates are beginning to disappear. If you’re interested shoot me an email, Nick@NickPalkowski.com
  3. Taking Life Head On podcast: I launched a brand new podcast with my friend, speaker, and success coach Hal Elrod. Go to HalElrod.com to check it out.

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