#017: Take your productivity beyond the to-do list [Podcast]

Productivity is more than to-do lists and calendars. Do you know what being productive really looks like? This week’s episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast will dive into that.


To truly be productive you need to go beyond the to-do list. Erik Fisher does just that on a regular basis with his podcast Beyond The To-Do List. In this interview we don’t just talk tactics and tools we go into what productivity really looks like.


Here are a few essential points we cover:

  • The most underestimated productivity tool
  • Learn how to do good work well
  • Discover what productivity is really about
  • 1 quick way to re-focus and gain momentum when you find yourself off track
  • An effective way to make major changes in your life
  • A common misconception about productivity systems
  • How to create your ideal morning
  • How to stay productive with a social media life

Success Quote

“I haven’t failed 1,000 times, I’ve found 1,000 ways the light bulb doesn’t work.” Thomas Edison

Take Action Challenge

  • Create your system: This next week find out what system works for you. One sheet of paper and a calendar? An app like Wunderlist? Give yourself this week to try a couple out, but then make a decision and move forward. Like Erik said, your system can change and adapt overtime to meet your needs, but don’t kid yourself if you think not having a system is your system you will be disappointed. Things will get missed, and frankly it’s much more work on you.

Episode Resources

Website: Beyond the To-Do List

iTunes Podcast: Beyond the To-Do List

Twitter: @ErikJFisher

Facebook: ErikJFisher

Podcast Episode: Jon Acuff

Podcast Episode: David Allen

Podcast Episode: Dave Delaney

Podcast Episode: Christin Taylor

Website: Basecamp

Website: Wunderlist

Website: Asana


  1. New release times: This is the first week of the new release schedule and posts for the website. There will be posts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, some Saturdays, and the Insiders will get an exclusive newsletter.
  2. Speaking programs: My busy season for retreats and team building is now in full swing. Since our last episode I’ve had 5 programs, and a couple were multiple day programs. Lake Forest high school, McHenry high school, Northern Illinois University, and Martin County high schools. Next week, I have two programs including a chapter leadership training with Glenwood City FFA. If you’re interested shoot me an email, Nick@NickPalkowski.com
  3. Take Action live webinar: On Thursday May 17th I am going to be conducting a free webinar all on Taking Action. I’ll cover several strategies and tactics that I use on a daily basis to help me beat the resistance and make progress on my goals. This webinar will be free for those who sign up before it takes place. I’ll be recording it and releasing it as a product in the future. When I do the cost will be at least $37. If you sign up now you will get all the content and the recordings for free. Go to NickPalkowski.com/TakeAction
  4. Next week’s episode will be an interview with Dave Delaney. We will be talking about networking as a student leader with an emphasis on ways to use online and offline tools to help you be more effective. If you have a question about networking send me an email, Nick@NickPalkowski.com or leave a message on our voicemail

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  • Achileas Liras

    Really interesting podcast. When it comes to PM I would strongly recommend basecamp and comidor!