#018: How to Make Connections and an Impact [Podcast]

Surrounding yourself with great people is essential. As a student leader the quality of the network you create these next few years will help determine the doors that open for you in the future. But often people struggle with how to approach networking effectively.


In this episode, I talk with Dave Delaney about how student leaders can best approach networking. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that networking isn’t for you. It is happen whether you realize it or not, so why not make it an intentional process.


Here are a few essential points we cover:

  • What networking really looks like
  • Why networking is important
  • Strategies for finding high quality people to build your network
  • Which is better, a big wide network or knowing a few people really well
  • Who to fill your network with
  • Strategies for handling the initial awkwardness of meeting people
  • Tools for managing your network
  • The must use social media network that you are probably ignoring

Success Quote

“Anything the mind can conceive it can achieve ” Napoleon Hill

Take Action Challenge

  • Network: Reach out to one person every day that you have not contacted recently. Tell them why you value them. Bonus challenge – Join the New Business Networking Club

Episode Resources

Website: Dave Delaney

Twitter: @DaveDelaney

LinkedIn: Dave Delaney

Book: New Business Networking

Book: THINK AND GROW RICH  by Napoleon Hill

Website: Nimble

Website: HootSuite

App: LinkedIn Contacts


  1. New release times: This is the first week of the new release schedule and posts for the website. There will be posts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, some Saturdays, and the Insiders will get an exclusive newsletter.
  2. Speaking programs: Speaking programs have hit high gear. Next week, I have 6 days of programs in a row. Mostly, high and low ropes course training. I still have open days in June so if you are interested in a an officer retreat or leadership training you can send me an email, Nick@NickPalkowski.com
  3. Take Action live webinar: On Thursday May 17th I am going to be conducting a free webinar all on Taking Action. I’ll cover several strategies and tactics that I use on a daily basis to help me beat the resistance and make progress on my goals. This webinar will be free for those who sign up before it takes place. I’ll be recording it and releasing it as a product in the future. When I do the cost will be at least $37. If you sign up now you will get all the content and the recordings for free. Go to NickPalkowski.com/TakeAction
  4. Next week’s episode will be an interview with Drew Dudley. We will be talking about student leadership and how we learn leadership. If you have a question about networking send me an email, Nick@NickPalkowski.com or leave a message on our voicemail

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    Thanks for having me on your show, Nick.