How to get the most out of a conference

State conventions, conferences, and seminars are great place to meet new people and make improvements in your life. But are you making the most of those powerful few days?

College Leadership Speaker - Nick Palkowski


This week’s Ninja Leaders Podcast will walk you through the key elements of before, during, and the often forgotten, after conference experience to make sure you maximize the impact.



– Set objectives
– Know how you want to connect
– Organize meet-ups
– Get envelopes and note cards
– Bring a pen and notebook
– Bring jacket and sweater
– Breatherizers
– Snacks
– Wear comfortable shos


– Remember why you’re there
– Get checked in and head down to meet people
– Don’t eat with the same people twice
– Take pictures!
– Be a connector
– Be early
– Have some starter questions
– Eat small frequent meals
– Turn off your phone
– Play all in


– Sleep on the ride home
– Debrief when you get home
– Organize all notes, to-dos, and contacts
– Write notes to a few new or important people you met
– Send quick follow-up messages to people you met
– Put your to-dos in your system and start taking action
– Write goals, deadlines and big reasons why

Conference are the ultimate learning experience. Not only do I presents at them but I make sure to attend several every year that are focused on areas I’m trying to improve in.

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