#022: How to Show up and Shine with Kent Julian [Podcast]

Are you letting life beat you up? Does it seem like you can’t win or just when you thought your life was going good you get derailed…every…single….time?!

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The Ninja Leaders Podcast is back!! Season Two kicks off with a great interview with Kent Julian. Kent travels the country speaking to student organizations a message that inspires students to show up and shine in every area of their lives.


In the interview he shares a simple formula that holds the secret to controlling the outcomes you experience in life. Grab a pen and paper. You will want to remember this.

Episode Resources

Quote: “What you believe in is evidence by how you live, not by what you say.” Ken Davis

Quote: “Hard work beats talent every time talent doesn’t want to work hard.”

Website: KentJulian.com

Website: NickPalkowski.com


 1. I will be in Nebraska, September 9-11th, working with FCCLA chapter officers at their fall leadership workshop.

2. If you would like to bring me in do a start of the year leadership or team building event, send an email to Nick@NickPalkowski.com.

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  • tjmaxattack

    Great podcast! But I would love if you interview Jaime Tardy! Thanks :)

  • http://www.NickPalkowski.com/ Nick Palkowski

    Thanks TJ. I will look into getting Jaime on the show in the future.