#030: How to Go From Resolution’s to Actual Change

On January 1st all over the world people made and committed to New Year’s Resolutions. It’s now January 9th and most have already given up on them. Are you one of them?

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. I love the idea of committing to improvement, and as you know am a big believer in growth and development. But the way the majority of people go about setting resolutions sets them up for failure. We focus too much on the outcome and spend no time thinking about the process.

It’s time that we all stop falling prey to the resolution’s mindset and instead create actual change in our lives through habits and The Snowball Effect. 

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Making massive improvements can be overwhelming. There comes a point when developing any skill or improving on a technique that the amount of time to make an improvement increases exponentially. Often focusing in and spending that time just isn’t worth it. It would be better to broaden your gaze slightly and improve multiple areas by 1%.
Achieving a goal is not some big event, it is a process. One that happens every day in the choices that you make.
Make small little steps every day. It’s the discipline of making the right choices that gives you a compounding effect. It’s the little actions that get the snowball rolling.
Here is how to put The Snowball Effect to work for you:

  • Find your growth area – What area do you want to strategically improve?
  • Create the Triggers – These could be time-based triggers (in the morning, before bed, 3pm, etc) or activity-based triggers (tying shoes, eating, grabbing chapstick, etc.)
  • Create the Routine – Decide on the actions you want to take. Decide on the habit you want to create.
  • Tracking – The downfall of taking small little steps, of using The Snowball Effect, is that at the beginning results can seem nonexistent. That’s bad for motivation. To help you stay motivated to preform these habits every day, you MUST set up some form of tracking. Whether you go high tech and use an app like Habit List or a simple wall calendar, keep track of each day you preform the habit routine.

Tip of the Week

Capture thoughts fast

Grab your ideas, thoughts, and reminders on the go in a seamless fashion with  Drafts
    • Opens immediately in typing format for fast capture
    • Gives you great options to send your note after you’ve created it
    • Automatically stores in inbox so you can rapidly capture multiple notes before processing
    • Many custom options for actions

Take Action Challenge

Create a new habit to help you put The Snowball Effect into action.

  • Find your growth area
  • Create one habit you want to start
  • Set-up your Trigger
  • Create your Routine
  • Determine your Tracking method


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Episode Resources

Quote: “Success is a few simple disciplines, practiced every day: while failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated every day.” Jim Rohn

Book: The Compound Effect

Book: The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness

App: Habit List

Template: Take Action Tally

Template: Journal Entry Template

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