#032: Three Essential Events to a Promotional Week

February is right around the corner and it is crazy busy month, especially for student orgs. Many student organizations have award applications, scholarships, officer applications, speaking contests, and for organizations like FFA, FCCLA, BPA, or FBLA-PBL their “National Week” falls in this month.

These Weeks are a very important part of the student organization’s calendar. It’s a chance for them to focus a concentrated effort on promoting their organization.

If your student org doesn’t have a designated Week it may be time to start one to help give you a focused effort on recruiting and promoting.

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Because by focusing their energy into a specific week like this, these student organizations are able to create a sort of buss about their org and get attention that they otherwise would not be able to even if they did the exact same activities spread out throughout the year.

These Weeks can be made up of a variety of activities or events but there are three that are essential components for to make the biggest impact. I walk you through these on this week’s podcast episode.


Here are the three types of events:

  • Highlighted Event – These are the big grand events that we often think of. They are the all school assemblies, the middle of the union square type of events whose main purpose is to draw a big crowd, and make people aware of the organization. They should be fun, engaging, high energy, and offer value to those that attend. The goal is general awareness of your student organization. Take people who have never heard about you or who may know who you are but aren’t members and give them a positive experience.
  • Nurture Event –These types of events are focused on the current members. These are the exclusive access type events. Ones where you need to be apart of the org to take part. This is your chance to pour into your loyal members, to give back. These are not events where your members are expected to work, these are for your members. To add value and have fun. Some examples of events would be exclusive leadership workshops, special recreation events, or free food socials.
  • Outreach Event – Creating an outreach event is all about giving to others. These are generally service based projects where members will volunteer in the community or take time to donate in an organized effort. These can be in service of the general public or to partner groups and supporters of your organization. One of my favorite outreach events from high school was called The Bun Run. We made fresh rolls as a part of a care package and drove around delivering them to local farmers to thank them. That’s just one example. Feel free to get creative. 


Tip of the Week

Keep Your Info Under Lock and Key

One password to rule them all with  1Password
    • Capture current logins
    • Add your sensitive info
    • Do a security audit
    • Start making the most of other functions
    • Change your passwords every 6-12 months

Take Action Challenge

Create a great promotional week.

  • Plan a week
  • What type of event have you done well with in the past?
  • What type of event have you not done, or needs the most improvement?
  • Commit to adding or improving one type of event during your week


  1. Very excited to announce a resource that will be available very soon, Extreme Ed University. This is a resource for teachers, advisors, and student officers who want to learn how to run leadership and team building activities. To find out more visit LearnTeamBuildingActivities.com
  2. COMMENT QUESTION: What is your favorite student org event?

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