I’ve been involved in student leadership for 11 years; was an officer at the local level for six teams; ran a state association of over 18,000 students.

I’ve been a part of crazy high performing teams that changed the face of the organization. But like many of you, I have had my struggles with teams. I have been on a team that completely blew up. I was in charge of that team and it utterly devastated me and destroyed my confidence as a leader.

Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to learning and understanding team dynamics. I have extensive training in Experiential Education and have helped over 127 teams learn to run more effectively as a high performing unit.



Nick has several years of student leadership experience, including serving as Wisconsin State FFA President. He has over four years of professional presenting experience through the FFA, the University of Wisconsin Student Consultant and Speakers Bureau, the Adventure Learning Program, and YourNextSpeaker, LLC.

Having presented to thousands of students, Nick is able to design your workshop to tailor meet the specific needs of your group from larger group high energy leadership skills workshops to small group team dynamics strengthening sessions and just about anything in between!

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