And Into the Future…

I’ve been getting a few emails from people wondering where the podcast episode is for this week.

There isn’t one. Here’s why…



The new post schedule and content is:

  • Monday: Inspirational Picture. You know those pics with quotes? Every Monday there will be one here on the site.
  • Tuesday: Ninja Tactics video. Ninja Tactics is a two to five minute video focusing on one tactic that helps you become the master of your life.
  • Wednesday: The first Wednesday of every month will be the featured Leader Reader post. The rest will be blog posts or the occasional video
  • Thursday: A quote that inspires.
  • Friday: The newest episode for the Ninja Leaders Podcast
  • Saturday: Open day. Possibly guest posts or posts featuring other people’s content
  • Sunday: There will be no blog post. The Insiders will get an exclusive newsletter. Sign up to be an Insider in the form to the right.

All of this starts on Monday April 29th.

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