Announcing the theme for the month

Youth Leadership Speaker - Nick Palkowski

Growth is not automatic

I used to forget that. I mean when I was a kid it seemed like I was growing everyday. Adults would bend over with a big smile and say “Oh look how you’ve grown.”

But somewhere along the lines that stopped.

Now the only automatic is getting older. One more day on the earth. The mistake we make is thinking getting older and growing are the same. They aren’t. Getting older just means you have been around longer than you had been yesterday. It does not mean that you improved.

Monthly blog theme

Today marks the start of a new format for this blog. A new focus on improvement and growth. A format designed to help you learn about and improve your leadership abilities.

Every month, I will be focusing in on one specific theme under the umbrella of leadership. All the posts for that month will be based on that theme. This months theme is….

Personal Growth

Along with the new theme focused posts I will be starting some new series. To find out more go to the introductory episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast or check out the highlights below.


  • Ninja Leaders Podcast – this will be posted each week. For more information go to the podcast page
  • Leader Reader – This is a brand new weekly series where I will review books I have read, giving you the important highlights and how it relates to being a student leader. The official announcement post explaining more will happen tomorrow.
  • Written blog post – Each week I will post a written blog post exploring one specific topic of our overall theme in greater detail.
  • Additional material – I intend to post every week day. The content will somehow be related to the theme for the month. This could be in the form of guest interviews, quotes, short videos, or reflection prompts.

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