#023: Turning Your Goals Into Action with Jim Woods

Stop the aimless drifting! Get focused. Get clear. Find your direction, and get moving! It’s time that you live beyond the to-do list and the endless fire putting outting and accomplish something of meaning. It’s time to create goals. photo This week’s episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast dives into goal setting and life beyond the to-do list with a great interview with Jim Woods. Jim co-wrote the new book Beyond The To-Do List: Goals. Jim is a writer and coach who helps turn ideas into action.


Jim called in by phone so you only get my face today.

#022: How to Show up and Shine with Kent Julian [Podcast]

Are you letting life beat you up? Does it seem like you can’t win or just when you thought your life was going good you get derailed…every…single….time?!

student leadership speaker

The Ninja Leaders Podcast is back!! Season Two kicks off with a great interview with Kent Julian. Kent travels the country speaking to student organizations a message that inspires students to show up and shine in every area of their lives.


In the interview he shares a simple formula that holds the secret to controlling the outcomes you experience in life. Grab a pen and paper. You will want to remember this.

#021: The Essentials of Change Making [Podcast]

Are you a supercharged, energizing leader with big dreams, and ready to put your skills to work? Do you want to help shape the hearts and minds of those you lead? Are you a Catalyst leader? Most of us want to be that type of leader, but we aren’t sure how develop those elements that make an impact.


In this episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast, I interview Brad Lomenick on how to be a change maker. Brad works for a leadership development company in Atlanta, and has the privilege of directing a movement of young leaders called Catalyst.


Here are a few essential points we cover:

  • Hungry. Helpful. Hustle
  • What young leaders need to do when they feel called but not equipped

How to get the most out of a conference

State conventions, conferences, and seminars are great place to meet new people and make improvements in your life. But are you making the most of those powerful few days?

College Leadership Speaker - Nick Palkowski


This week’s Ninja Leaders Podcast will walk you through the key elements of before, during, and the often forgotten, after conference experience to make sure you maximize the impact.



– Set objectives
– Know how you want to connect
– Organize meet-ups
– Get envelopes and note cards
– Bring a pen and notebook
– Bring jacket and sweater
– Breatherizers
– Snacks
– Wear comfortable shos

#019: How are you making a difference? [Podcast]

What does leadership really mean? How are you making a difference in the world? Can leadership be taught? These are just a few of the important questions that a student leader needs to think about.


In this episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast I interview leadership trainer Drew Dudley. Drew has spent his life in student leadership. He is one of Canada’s most sought after leadership speakers. In this interview he challenges students to re-define their values and their purpose.


Here are a few essential points we cover:

  • How to elevate, not escalate
  • Leading beyond the double sided sheet of paper
  • Can leadership be taught?
  • The importance of planning to matter
  • You are the landlord of your head
  • The five steps we all face
    • The First Step
    • The Next Step
    • The Wrong Step
    • The Step Back
    • The Forward Step
  • How to identify and define your values
  • #018: How to Make Connections and an Impact [Podcast]

    Surrounding yourself with great people is essential. As a student leader the quality of the network you create these next few years will help determine the doors that open for you in the future. But often people struggle with how to approach networking effectively.


    In this episode, I talk with Dave Delaney about how student leaders can best approach networking. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that networking isn’t for you. It is happen whether you realize it or not, so why not make it an intentional process.


    #017: Take your productivity beyond the to-do list [Podcast]

    Productivity is more than to-do lists and calendars. Do you know what being productive really looks like? This week’s episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast will dive into that.


    To truly be productive you need to go beyond the to-do list. Erik Fisher does just that on a regular basis with his podcast Beyond The To-Do List. In this interview we don’t just talk tactics and tools we go into what productivity really looks like.


    Here are a few essential points we cover:

    • The most underestimated productivity tool
    • Learn how to do good work well
    • Discover what productivity is really about
    • 1 quick way to re-focus and gain momentum when you find yourself off track
    • An effective way to make major changes in your life
    • A common misconception about productivity systems
    • How to create your ideal morning
    • How to stay productive with a social media life

    #016: How to stop wondering what to do and make decisions [Podcast]

    Leaders need to be comfortable in their own skin. You need to be comfortable with you. This episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast will help you get comfortable with your uniqueness. Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Blake Fly shares with us how to stop that struggle and take action.

    Student leadership Speaker - Blake Fly

    Blake knows the world of student life and Resident Advisors. He delivers excellent advice on how to take your campus or organization to a new level.


    Here are a few essential points on how to get the most out of your study time.

    • The struggle most people have in making decisions, and the mindset you need to make the right ones
    • How to stop wondering what to do and start taking action

    #015: Playing your “A” game in school [Podcast]

    It’s time to focus on one of the most important elements of being a student leader…student. To be a leader in your organization you must first be a leader in the classroom.

    College Leadership Speaker - Nick Palkowski

    This week’s Ninja Leaders Podcast we talk to a leading authority on academic and school success, Kantis Simmons. This former rocket scientist use his years of experience in education to help students across the country improve their performance in school and in life. No matter what your GPA is you NEED to listen to this interview.


     Kantis delivers excellent strategies throughout this interview. We cover why it’s important to be a leader in the classroom, how to manage the crazy schedule of a student leader, and the transition periods in your learning career.

    Stop making excuses with a simple mindset shift

    We talk ourselves out of action. We can rationalize almost anything. And when you are trying to create a new habit, that excusizing can kill your habit before it gets off the ground.