#026: How to Become a Mega Producer with Johnny B Truant

It comes down to hard work. But there is more to it than simply putting in long hours. In fact, simply working long hours might be diluting your work. As a leader, you need to be aware of efficient, and effective your work is. To get to the next level in your life you NEED to be a mega producer.

This week’s podcast episode is an interview with mega producing author Johnny B Truant. Johnny talks about the importance of hard work but more importantly about working smart at the right things. We dive deep into how you can be efficient in your work. Johnny is someone I follow to learn how to be more efficient and productive in my life, and am very excited to have him here on the podcast.

#023: Turning Your Goals Into Action with Jim Woods

Stop the aimless drifting! Get focused. Get clear. Find your direction, and get moving! It’s time that you live beyond the to-do list and the endless fire putting outting and accomplish something of meaning. It’s time to create goals. photo This week’s episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast dives into goal setting and life beyond the to-do list with a great interview with Jim Woods. Jim co-wrote the new book Beyond The To-Do List: Goals. Jim is a writer and coach who helps turn ideas into action.


Jim called in by phone so you only get my face today.