How to overcome resistance and get out of your own way [Leader Reader]

The Leader Reader is a video series where each month I feature a book that can transform your life. I love to read. I firmly believe that leaders are reader and that a book can impact you life.

This month’s featured book is a little one that packs and impressive punch. It’s a book that I have been resisting reading for awhile now. Several people have told me that I need to read this book, but I never did. In February I attended a conference with Michael Hyatt and he gave me a copy. I finally read it and was kicking myself for not reading it sooner.



#016: How to stop wondering what to do and make decisions [Podcast]

Leaders need to be comfortable in their own skin. You need to be comfortable with you. This episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast will help you get comfortable with your uniqueness. Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Blake Fly shares with us how to stop that struggle and take action.

Student leadership Speaker - Blake Fly

Blake knows the world of student life and Resident Advisors. He delivers excellent advice on how to take your campus or organization to a new level.


Here are a few essential points on how to get the most out of your study time.

  • The struggle most people have in making decisions, and the mindset you need to make the right ones
  • How to stop wondering what to do and start taking action

#015: Playing your “A” game in school [Podcast]

It’s time to focus on one of the most important elements of being a student leader…student. To be a leader in your organization you must first be a leader in the classroom.

College Leadership Speaker - Nick Palkowski

This week’s Ninja Leaders Podcast we talk to a leading authority on academic and school success, Kantis Simmons. This former rocket scientist use his years of experience in education to help students across the country improve their performance in school and in life. No matter what your GPA is you NEED to listen to this interview.


 Kantis delivers excellent strategies throughout this interview. We cover why it’s important to be a leader in the classroom, how to manage the crazy schedule of a student leader, and the transition periods in your learning career.

Welcome to the fish bowl [Podcast]

“Get up! Get out! Go get it!” Laymon Hicks joins us on the Ninja Leaders Podcast, and drives home his message of taking action. He knows the pressures and challenges of running a student organization, he served as the Student Body President of Florida State University.

Youth leadership speaker - Nick Palkowski

  • Learn to turn your failure’s into stepping stones
  • The importance of standing out
  • Connecting is key
  • Why you need to become the go to person
  • Learn how to recognize your unique abilities
  • The hardest thing for a high performer to do, putting faith in others


How to stand out and make ripples of change [Podcast]

What is it that makes you stand out? Focusing on and developing your unique abilities will not only increase your life enjoyment but can help create a change that ripples out into the world.

Ripples Newsletter - Ninja Leaders Podcast

That is only the tip of the iceberg of what we talk about on the podcast this week. Paul Wesselmann is my guest. Each week Paul is responsible for inspiring tens of thousands of people as the creator of The Ripples Project and as a leadership trainer. He has a great personality and delivers some knock out, actionable content. Take a listen.


In this interview we cover some extremely important topics to growing as a student leader including:

  • How to take responsibility for your energy?
  • The two types of listeners. Do you know which you are?
  • The difference between success in high school and success in the rest of your life. A MUST KNOW!!
  • The one skill that will help propel you to your goals, AND how to develop it.

How to get members of your organization more involved and inspired

Highly engaged and inspired members is critical to the success of a student organization. Have you ever wished more people showed up for your events? Do you find yourself wondering why more people aren’t volunteering to work on projects?

Nick Palkowski - Student leadership speaker

That is exactly what we talk about with my guest Jeremy Kingsley, in this episode of the Ninja Leaders Podcast. This guy delivers real practical advice for student leaders on how they can inspire others to produce results.


Jeremy Kingsley is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and the President of OneLife Leadership. Since 1995 he has spoken to over 500,000 people at live events around the world. He is the author of four books, his latest: Inspired People Produce Results – (McGraw Hill 2013) can be ordered now. Jeremy lives in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife and two sons.

#010: Andy Traub interview [Podcast]

Early To Rise makes a student leader healthy, wealthy, and…awesome! In this podcast episode I interview Andy Traub about his new book Early to Rise. Andy gives us straight talk about the why and how of not only getting out of bed in the morning, but of taking permission in your life.


Andy’s book is the action oriented handbook on how to learn to rise early in just 30 days. It’s not about getting up early for getting up early’s sake, it’s about making the most of your day and intentionally living your life.


Success Quote

“If you don’t want a normal life, don’t do normal stuff.” Andy Andrews

Key Take-aways

If you are going with the flow, the flow is in control and not you.

Turn your work from ordinary to extraordinary [Leader Reader]

This week’s feature Leader Reader book is The Fred Factor: How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by Mark Sanborn.

Student Leadership Speaker Nick Palkowski - The Fred Factor

The Fred Factor is a story of a mail deliverer named Fred. Fred takes what is a seemingly ordinary job into an extraordinary service. The Fred Factor delivers tons of value and strategies on how to provide extraordinary service to the people you work with.

There are four main Fred Factor principles:

  • Everyone Makes a Difference
  • Success Is Built on Relationships
  • Continually Create Value for Others
  • Reinvent Yourself Regularly

008: Hoan Do interview – Ninja Leaders Podcast

Today’s guest on the Ninja Leaders Podcastis recognized as America’s #1 College Success Coach. Hoan Do inspires students worldwide through speaking engagements, coaching programs and his books. His mission is to equip young adults with practical and straight-forward advice and knowledge that will help them to succeed in and out of school.

Youth Leadership Speaking - Nick Palkowski


For the last five years, Hoan has been fiercely committed to helping students succeed in and out of school. In this interview he lays out some very actionable advice on how to make the most out of the remainder of the school year.

Success quote: 

“You should risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.” –  Cadet Maxim 

Key Take-aways

Be generous and invested in other people.

We talk about phone books. You do remember what those are right?

Ways to build accountability in your life and the importance of coaches and mentors.