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Are you ready to take your student organizations to that next level? Watch the video below to hear how as well as a special event just for NACA Central Region schools.

The Complete Student Leader Training System

This program hits all four of the ingredients for reaching the next level in any area of life.

Right Education – From stages of group development to

Regular Nourishment – Weekly emails and training updates. This goes beyond the simple massive training at the start of the year that leaves your students high and dry when they need it most… four months down the road.

Plaque Chipper – Regular brushing isn’t always enough. You need to go to the dentist to get the plaque chip away. The Complete Student Leader Training System comes with a high energy, interactive half day workshop. This is just the motivation your students need to lead their organizations right.

Power Peers – The incredible happens when a group of like minded people get together with a common cause. Within The Complete Student Leader Training System there is a spot just for that. Ask questions of fellow student officers, brainstorm ideas, share struggles and successes. This is your opportunity to plug into a community that is looking to grow new leaders.

These are just a few of the areas covered by The Complete Student Leader Training System. 

  • Handling team conflict
  • Effectively and responsibly delegating tasks
  • Motivating members to become more involved
  • Strategies for planning projects
  • Managing your life for high performance

NACA Central Special Event (October 1st – October 7th)

The whole week of the Central week of I will be running special contests, events, and giving away training content. To take part in this week long event just sign up for the NACA Central email list below.


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