1 Way to Build Discipline into your life

Today we are taking a break from specific tactics and tools to manage your to-do lists to look at a foundational concept to becoming the master of your life…. Discipline.

Discipline is something you need to build into your life. The gap between where you are and your goal can only be closed up with discipline.

It’s that special element. The one thing all successful people share. It facilitates growth and improvement over time.

But it doesn’t just happen. It is developed.

We fall into the trap of thinking that we are naturally disciplined or undisciplined, simply not true… discipline is not a personality trait, it’s a skill. Like any skill it is developed with practice. [Tweet This]

One way to develop your discipline is by doing things that make you uncomfortable or that you just don’t want to do. Recently, I was reminded of a great exercise that does just that.

Cold Showers

This was a practice I did all throughout high school and my first year of college but had fallen away from and restarted the past few weeks with good results.

Cold showers are real simple. When you take a shower each day instead of taking a normal shower with hot soothing water turn it to bone chilling cold, as cold as you can.

It’s uncomfortable, it’s not something you naturally want to do, which is why it’s a great exercise to build your discipline.

I love hot water. I grew up with a whirlpool and the hotter it was the better so this cold shower thing was tough.

Here’s how I didn’t it. I take my shower normal, but before I get out I crank it as cold as possible. You need to make sure you stay in for a bit to get the effect. Now, I’m checking the clock and taking a cold shower for five minutes each morning.

Like I said, I’ve recently restarted the practice of cold showers and have seen two major benefits:

1. The discipline – As you build up your discipline in this one area it spills over to every area of your life, which is the value in it.

2. Energizes – It’s a good kick start. It energizes you in the morning. Much better than any coffee ever could.

The next seven days make it a practice. Start with three minutes if you can.

Be on the look out for other ways to build discipline. Discipline is the differentiator.

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