Creating Momentum – How to get more done as a student leader

These past two weeks have been pretty amazing for me. I’ve met with several people to talk about our businesses and projects we were working on. We were talking about business and the topic of momentum came up and how incredibly important it is to have momentum in your life and especially as a student leader.

Once you start to gain momentum on something it just makes it so much easier and frankly more fun.

A classic example that I’m going through right now is I’m in the third week of working out regularly. But just think about what its like to start working out after doing nothing for a long time. You are sore! Muscles are screaming at you. I literally avoided stairs the first few days. But now I’m gaining momentum and I actually am excited for my workout, well… maybe not but if I skipped a workout I would feel like somethings missing.

Momentum is huge.

But how do you create it?

It is much easier to maintain your progress than it is to create it. The biggest key to creating momentum… Speed of Implementation

How fast do you put it into action.

When you learn something or make a decision do you take action right away. Does your student leadership team go into action as soon as you have the idea for a new project or do you wait. If you don’t you make it harder to create momentum, not impossible but a high speed of implementation is Red Bull for your momentum.

Another great example of this is remembering names.

Every simple strategy for becoming better at remembering names will tell you to use the name right away or within 7 seconds after hearing it.

That is Speed of Implementation.

Make your life easier, put momentum to work for you.

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