Creatures of Habit

Youth Leadership Speaker Nick Palkowski

Everyday you get a little better or you get a little worse. Either way you will not go to be the same person you were when you woke up that morning.

Our experiences change and shape our lives. Our decisions help define us.

Life is constantly changing, constantly evolving. We have the choice to evolve with it or not.

I’ve been playing basketball since I could walk. I played in an organized league before I even started kindergarten. While on occasion I have been called the next LeBron (ok maybe not), I play simply for the love of the game.

If you have ever even seen a basketball you know that when a player steps up to the free throw line they go through a routine. Every player, whether they are in a kindergarten league or the NBA, goes through their own routine each time they line their feet up on that line.


Because we are creatures of habit.

We find comfort in our habits. It doesn’t matter what the players free throw routine is; bounce once, shoot; two bounces, spin, shoot; they create that habit before shooting free throws to calm them down from the pressure. So that when they are down by one, 10 seconds left, championship on the line, with two foul shots, they can focus on their habit and not crack under the stress.

We do the same thing in our lives each day.

We create habits for everything. When the stress comes, when those deadlines near, we fall back into our habits.

The question is what kind of habits are you creating for yourself?

I’ve been thinking about this very question a lot this last week and a half. I recently started following a training series by Jeff Goins to help people develop a habit of writing (an important skill when trying to grow a blog like this one). It has been challenging. It has meant getting up earlier from my already insanely early mornings. It has meant forcing myself to put pen to paper and just write, no matter how bad (and believe me there was a lot of bad!) But focusing on developing this habit for me will lead to improvement in many other areas of my life and business.

What habit do you need to develop?

Every day, you have a decision. You can start or stop doing things worth doing. You can focus on developing habits that improve your life or that waste it. The choice is yours. And make no mistake, it is a choice. A conscious decision that you make on what to do or not to do.

Don’t want to make that decision? Well you just made your choice.

Mediocrity will creep up on you, legendary must be chased. Start running.


Question: What habit are you intentionally developing?

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