Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!!!

Right now you are hopefully out enjoying the sweet taste of grilled brats and hamburgers. As I am writing this I am waiting for the delicious awesomeness that is rattlesnake eggs to finish preping in the oven before throwing them on the grill.


Rattlesnake eggs (jalepeno, cheese, bacon)

Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as a symbolic (and literal) end to summer. Here is Wisconsin many schools including the University of Wisconsin start after Labor Day making this the last full day before we jump back into the hectic craziness that is the school year.

Tim Elmore wrote a very interesting post today where he poses three questions for student leaders to consider. The essence of Labor Day can often be lost on many people especially in the instant gratification world we know live in. Many readers of this blog are starting or heading back to college tomorrow and I feel these are questions they should be asking themselves in terms of their future employment and careers.

This Labor Day—may I suggest we all ask ourselves the questions:

Money and fulfillment are by-products of working in our areas of passion and strength. They are often elusive when we pursue them.

To read Tim’s full post Click Here

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