How to Have a Super Productive Morning

Now that Labor Day has officially come and gone the lazy days of summer are now behind us and it’s time for students everywhere to hit the books. To help you kick off the year on a great note I am re-posting this from a previous blog I ran. Learn how to have more productive days by kicking your morning off right.


It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is completely true. What you do in those first few hours of the day sets the tone for how your entire day will go. However, I find that most people do not eat the right things in the morning. Instead of grabbing that box of Wheaties, its time that we chow down on the true breakfast of champions. The first thing we need to do in our day is… Eat a frog!

There is an old saying that says “if the first thing you do when you wake up each morning is eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day.” I think we can all agree with that. A frog is your biggest most difficult task on your to-do list. It is the item that you are most likely to procrastinate. A lot of time we end up putting that item off doing other far less important items which drastically lowers our productivity because we just keep looking at this big green slimy task that is staring back at us. Even when we are working on other important tasks its eyes keep staring; drawing our attention back to it. Not allowing us to keep our focus. An uncompleted task like this physically drains you of energy because we keep thinking about it which causes stress.

FFA Leadership Training - Nick Palkowski That is why it is so important to eat your frog. One of the first steps in eating our frogs each morning actually starts the night before. It is important that we identify what our frog is. The night before write down the tasks you need to do the next day and from that list circle that one you keep putting off or don’t necessarily want to do. That way as soon as you are up and are ready the next morning, even before checking emails or facebook, go straight to that task. Don’t put it off.

Ok, so you have IDed your frog and it is sitting right there in front of you. Now what? That is a big frog and no matter how hungry you are, you are not going to try to eat it one bite are you? No of course not, that is why the next step is to PLAN. It is important that we create some sort of strategy to handle that task especially if it is a big project. Chunk it down. Think of it as focusing first on one leg, and taking the task bit by bit because these smaller chunks will be much easier to chew and will help you build up momentum in order to complete the actual task.

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Now, we have IDed our frog and we chunked it up into bit sized pieces. This is precisely the moment when most people fail. They let their frog…just sit there. They just look into those big bulging eyes and do nothing. They come up with all kinds of excuses like they need to first talk to this person or they need more information but what it comes down to is that we get scared. Scared that it might be too big of a task for us to handle, scared that we might fail. We want to wait to act until we have all the information to ensure success. But the problem is if we wait too long our frog is going to hop away or get even slimier; either causing us a lot more stress or we end up missing the opportunity to act entirely. This last step is the most important one. We need to…Start Chewing. We need to take action in our lives and trust that just the act of getting started will put us ahead of everyone else Student Officer Training - Nick Palkowski

ID, Plan and chew…those are the three step you need to remember in order to tackle those big tasks on your to do list. If you take on and accomplish those task first thing each morning it will provide momentum and energy for the rest of your day. Try it out for a month and I promise you will not be disappointed. Now I have just one question, are you hungry?


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