It’s the Why!

Welcome! Glad you found your way here. I am Nick Palkowski, youth speaker and trainer focused on empowering student leaders to create future leaders. I wanted to start this blog for several reasons, which I will outline in a second, but the biggest reason is to help foster a community of influencers committed to growing successful student organizations. I think this blog is going to be the perfect outlet to do just that.

Here are a few reasons why a blog:

It’s a familiar format: I’ve been journaling for months now mostly as a way to test out new thoughts and concepts. This is a natural next evaluation in content creation before putting it in programs and products. That means you will  be among the first to know about new material.

In addition many programs come with follow-up online training that revolves around videos. Some posts will be just written, some only video, many will have both.

It provides a mechanism for feedback: Email or Facebook does this too of course. I welcome any of you that want to respond or reach out to me that way but with a blog it’s ease for everyone to join the conversation. You can provide your opinions, research, or suggestions. You can ask questions of me or even other readers.

This is a great way to grow as a community of student leaders.

It provides an archive of communication: This feature allows you to catch up if you missed any posts or want a refresher on a specific topic we covered.

It may encourage you to start your own blog: You have a message. You have experiences and knowledge. You can help teach and develop others. You may not think you have anything to teach but find a theme and just share what you do know.

For example, maybe you’re not an expert in underwater basket weaving but if you have weaved one basket while underwater you can help teach me!

Its not about knowing it all, it’s about sharing what you do know.


Here’s how this blog will work. I will post content relevant to student leadership, productivity, team dynamics, or other content relevant to leading a student organization on a regular basis. I am working on several other projects right now so realistically expect one maybe two posts a week.

If you sign up for the email list you will be notified every time a new post comes out. So I encourage you to do that.

Please provide me with you feedback. I want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. If you disagree or want to provide an alternative viewpoint, go for it!

You can leave comments or talk to me on twitter or Facebook.

Question: What topics would you like to see covered? Leave a comment below.

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