The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform your Life Before 8am [Leader Reader]

The Miracle Morning journal is this week’s featured Leader Reader book. The author Hal Elrod lays out a structure for creating a morning routine.

Why should you care?

Having a morning routine that focuses on your growth is a great way to energize you, make you more productive, and lead to you creating a Level 10 life.

Hal was a guest on the Ninja Leaders Podcast a few weeks ago and we walked through the The Miracle Morning book. But I just went through this journal for the first time, it is a great tool for starting your year off on the right foot.

The first part of the journal breaks down the main concepts of The Miracle Morning, the Life SAVERS:

S – Silence Take ten minutes first thing in the morning to sit quietly. Meditate, pray, or I prefer to simply sit, sipping my coffee, doing my best to clear my mind of any thoughts. It sounds silly but it has been the best thing I’ve added to my routine in a long time.

A – Affirmations Say or read a few uplifting, positive affirmations. They help get you in the right mindset to get the most out of the day.

V – Visualize This is a powerful tool for creating the life you want. By visualizing your day, or your goals you want to accomplish you put your subconscious mind to work on making that happen.

E – Exercise Being active first thing in the morning is the most effective way to ensure you have energy to tackle the day. Spend at least ten minutes exercising early in the day.

R – Reading Every single day, you need to invest in yourself and your personal development. Pick a book that’s inspiring or educational and get reading.

S – Scribe Reflective journal time is a valuable tool to ensure you learn from the experiences you have in life. As an experiential educator, I help guide people through unique experiences in order to learn key lessons. But those in and of themselves don’t mean much, it’s not until you reflect back and process those experiences that learning takes place. Learn something from every day you live. Make journalling a habit.

Along with the breakdown of the Life SAVERS, the journal gives you strategies for customizing your Miracle Morning and a 6 Minute Miracle for those days when you have way too much going on.

The rest of the journal consists of journal pages laid out in a format I like. Open the book and a whole week stares back at you. There is a spot for your Top Weekly Goals/Commitments, there is a tally table to keep track of the Life SAVERS you completed that week, for each day of the week there is a Daily challenge or habit for you to reflect on along with writing space, and at the end of the week there is a spot for a quick weekly review. 

There are pages for every single day of the year, enough to cover all fifty-two weeks. At the very end of the book Hal includes a section for an Annual Review where he walks you through a look-back of the previous year and helps you set up for success in 2014.

The Miracle Morning Journal is an excellent tool for helping you make the most of 2013. Get it while the year is still young and crank your life up to Level 10!


The Miracle Morning Journal

Comment Question: What is your morning routine? Do you even have one?

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