Ninja Leaders: The Complete Student Leaders Training System

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Quick Summary

Are you ready to take your student organization to the next level? Learn what it takes to not only run your organization but how you can lead it. Create a strong officer team that is committed to creating future leaders. I share how you can create a powerful team, get more done, and create a student org to be proud of.

Presentation Outline: Sample of some topics covered

Ninja Leaders was created for one purpose and one purpose only. To take a leader of a student organization from getting elected to handing over the reins to next years team and cover everything in between. Your student org leaders have questions, concerns, and might be wondering what to do next… Ninja Leaders is here to provide them the resources and skills they need. This training is designed to walk with them through the trenches. This is the most complete, comprehensive, action based student organization training there is. Some of the areas covered include:

Ninja Leaders bulletpoints.001 1.Handling conflict constructively: How To Move From A-Type Conflict To The Necessary (And Highly Productive) C-Type Conflict.


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2. How You Can Hold Yourself And Your Teammates Accountable To Commitments.



Ninja Leaders bulletpoints.003 3. Get Them In The Door: How To Attract Passionate And Engaged Members To Your Student Org.


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4. Becoming A Task Management Ninja: How To Make Sure No To-Do Item Or Assignment Falls Through The Cracks


Ninja Leaders bulletpoints.005 5. How To Find And Create A Strong Personal Support Team (that makes you a better leader)



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6. How To Embrace The (Inevitable) Uncomfortableness Of Leadership



I conclude with an inspirational challenge: It’s time to take action and leave a legacy.

Target Audience

Student organization leaders and their teams who want to learn how to be more effective leaders and take their student organization to the next level. I have spoken on this topic to a wide array of audiences—university student organizations, Greek life, high school student organizations, student government boards, CTSO state officers, student organization advisors, and resident hall advisors.

Possible Formats

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or expanded into a multi-day retreat. The ideal keynote length is 45 minutes. The ideal workshop length is a one or two part workshop totaling four hours. All day or multiple day retreats go in depth into the application and implementation of the concepts as well as have a great emphasis on the team building aspects.

The training doesn’t stop there. Ninja Leaders includes an online follow-up course that dives deeper into topics that are essential to running a student organization. This is what make Ninja Leaders the complete training system.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will be inspired to become better leaders, taking their knowledge, skills, and character to the next level.
  • Audience members will understand the principles that create a high performing leadership team, and why each of these habits are essential to be an effective leader.
  • Audience members will leave with practical, actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Topic Authority

  • I led an 18,000 member student organization serving two years as a student officer. I’ve served as a student leader for numerous organizations giving me first hand knowledge to the challenges student leaders face.
  • Over the last five years, I have been worked with hundreds of leadership teams on how they can improve their influence with their organization and leave a lasting legacy.
  • I have also spent over a hundred hours interviewing and compiling advice from influential leaders.

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