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Ninja Leaders Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to taking you to a new level of leadership. My goal is to help you live bold, lead with influence, and make an impact.

Youth Leadership Speaking - Nick Palkowski

I will post the podcast on Friday morning of each week. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

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If you want to send me feedback on the show, please call my Listener Hotline by clicking the button on the side of this page that says “Send Voicemail” and leave a message or a question. Or, if you prefer, you can email me, Each week, I try to answer as many questions on the show as I can.

Podcast Archive

[#031] – Why You NEED to Keep a Journal

[#030] – How to Go From Resolutions to Actual Change

[#029] – How to Use Gratitude to Lead

[#028] – How Your Activity Follows Your Identity with Jeff Goins

[#027] – The Habits of an Effective Student Leader with Paul Moya

[#026] – How to Be a Mega Producer with Johnny B Truant

[#025] – How to Be Now and Give Back with Mark Jewell

[#024] – How to Find Your Sweet Spot with Scott Fay

[#023] – Turn Your Goals Into Action with Jim Woods

[#022] – How to Show Up and Shine with Kent Julian

[#021] – Brad Lomenick interview

[#020] – How to get the Most Out of a Conference

[#019] – Drew Dudley interview

[#018] – Dave Delaney interview

[#017] – Erik Fisher interview

[#016] – Blake Fly interview

[#015] – Kantis Simmons interview

[#014] – Laymon Hicks interview

[#013] – Paul “The Ripples Guy” Wesselmann interview

[#012] – Rhett Laubach interview

[#011] – Jeremy Kingsley interview

[#010] – Andy Traub interview

[#009] – Mike Hall interview

[#008] – Hoan Do interview

[#007] – Fabian Ramirez interview

[#006] – Resolutions to Results

[#005] – Michael Costigan I Love Presenting interview

[#004] – Hal Elrod and The Miracle Morning

[#003] – Yahya Bakkar

[#001] – Growth is NOT Automatic

[#000] – The Foundation





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