NACA Northeast Regional Conference

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Are you ready to take your student organizations to that next level? It’s all about training the leaders of your student organizations.

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I want to help you out. Below you can request a free copy of my latest book Extreme Ed: Team Building Activity Guide. Just fill out the form and I’ll drop it in the mail. No shipping. No handling. Just awesomeness. (note: you will be asked to confirm your subscription to my email list. I provide additional training content through this email list but if you’re drowning in a sea of email. Just unsubscribe at any time, and keep the book.)

Nick Palkowski - Youth Leadership Speaking

Experience is the greatest teacher…

The ultimate resource for all teachers and students who need turn-key leadership activities, games and exercises. Extreme Ed contains 40 interactive, meaningful and fresh activities perfect for your classroom, conference workshop or leadership training. Each activity includes step-by-step instructions and debrief options and is indexed by time. There is a section at the front with ideas and ninja strategies on how to engage your audience, make your message stick and ensure your group not only has a great time, but learns something in the process.


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