Nick Palkowski has been involved in Student Leadership for over eleven years, including serving as President for an 18,000 member youth organization. Nick has established his unique, highly interactive style for both large and small group presentations.

Nick’s mission is to help student leaders and teams reach their full potential. He knows that true leadership is more than talk, it’s action!! That is why he will have them applying leadership principles before they walk out the door.

Ninja Leaders: The Complete Student Leader Training System

Your student organization can be the lifeblood of a community. A team of dedicated leaders working together for positive change will rally people around them to show support and service to others.

A transformation like that is not easy…but the good news is it only takes you! That’s right you. You can learn to become that Ninja Leader, the one that gets results and leads others to a better life. As an officer you can be the one bringing people together for a cause. But first you must gather the skills and support system to create change.

Ninja Leader training is a mix of high energy, high involvement, and high impact activities that take student officers on a journey of developing a strong team foundation creating a platform that allows them to confidently go out and inspire others to go beyond average.

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Topics Covered:

      ✓Motivating others to greater productivity and leadership
      ✓Striving to be your best
      ✓Building epic journeys into your life
      ✓Keeping a strong team foundation for success
      ✓Handling conflict constructively
      ✓Facilitating for impact
      ✓Bringing out your personal story
      ✓Designing and delivering engaging speeches

“My FFA chapter officer team loved it! They gained leadership skills and built team bonds that they will use throughout the next school year. It was a great way to jump start the new officer team.”  Lisa Jagielo, Agricultural Education Instructor

An Adventure in Teamwork

Getting comfortable with your teammates is must for a high performing team. Now, you can accelerate that process through team building activities. Ropes courses are widely popular as a way for teams to strengthen trust and communication skills, but they are often very expensive and hard to find.

The solution…bring the ropes course to you!!

      ✓ Developing trust in your teammates
      ✓Importance of clear communication
      ✓Benefits of strategic planning
      ✓Creating a strong personal support team
      ✓Understanding the diversity of roles on a team
      ✓Respecting and understanding challenge levels

“Our officer team has become a better working team. We have learned to ask for help when we need it and can rely on each other for anything. Nick taught us to be better people and use our time wisely.”  Seymour FFA officer

Ninja Masters: Leadership Retreat

Ninja Masters is an all inclusive retreat personalized for your school or organization! What makes it different than any other retreat you could plan on your own? Nick will present specialized topics at your retreat and facilitate all leadership activities, personal productivity exercises, and guarantee that your students leave with a new passion for life and the goals you must achieve. Choose programs ranging from one day to three day retreats designed to help students reach a new level in their personal leadership.

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Nick’s bread and butter are workshops and conferences. Whether you are looking for a two hour team building event or a full out three day officer training, he will deliver a top notch program. Nick has a strong background in adventure learning, meaning he can bring a low course experience right to your back door. Each workshop is tailor made to give your students the best learning experience.

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