#033: The Three Essentials of Officer Training

A couple weeks ago I unexpectantly ran into an old friend that I first met back at a student org officer retreat when I was in high school. Our student org would get together with seven neighboring chapters and hold a summer retreat designed to get us ready for the upcoming school year.

After that encounter, I started thinking back to the officer retreats I attended, the ones I work with now, and how they play a part in the overall officer training plan.

I am amazed that the vast majority of student organization’s officer training is… nothing. They don’t do anything to train their officers. They just expect that they either have the skills or figure them out. This is absurd to me but I’ll hold back my rant on this topic for another day.


The next most common component of an officer training is a summer retreat. This is great. I loved those summer officer retreats when I was a student org officer and even now they are my favorite programs to work with. I would take a retreat over a keynote every day of the week.

However, these summer retreats aren’t always effective. They can be major information overload sessions and if all you do is a summer retreat will likely forget much of the information when they actually need it several months down the road.

This podcast episode will help you get the most out of your officer training.


To help design a better officer training I believe there are three main components; Motivation, Team Dynamics, and Processes. Each play a different role and each play an integral part to a high performing officer team.

Take Control...Dominate

#032: Three Essential Events to a Promotional Week

February is right around the corner and it is crazy busy month, especially for student orgs. Many student organizations have award applications, scholarships, officer applications, speaking contests, and for organizations like FFA, FCCLA, BPA, or FBLA-PBL their “National Week” falls in this month.

These Weeks are a very important part of the student organization’s calendar. It’s a chance for them to focus a concentrated effort on promoting their organization.

If your student org doesn’t have a designated Week it may be time to start one to help give you a focused effort on recruiting and promoting.

thw week.001


Because by focusing their energy into a specific week like this, these student organizations are able to create a sort of buss about their org and get attention that they otherwise would not be able to even if they did the exact same activities spread out throughout the year.

These Weeks can be made up of a variety of activities or events but there are three that are essential components for to make the biggest impact. I walk you through these on this week’s podcast episode.


Here are the three types of events:

Commitment Means Staying Loyal
Average People Have Wishes and Hopes