“Nick has extensive experience working with college students, from registered student organizations to leadership groups. He is truly an amazing facilitator! I have been impressed by his leadership, creativity, and innovation. His creativity and innovation plays out in his excellent ability to craft unique and fresh workshops for every group. He will provide a truly transformational experience for your group that they won’t forget!” Mo Kappes, ALPs Advisor, University of Wisconsin

“One word…Awesome!!” Makayla, student

“My FFA chapter officer team loved it!  They gained leadership skills and built team bonds that they will use throughout next school year.  It was a great way to jump start the new officer team.”  Lisa Jagielo, Agricultural Education Instructor

“Our officer team has become a better working team. We have learned to ask for help when we need it and can rely on each other for anything. Nick taught us to be better people and use our time wisely.”  Seymour FFA officer

“His  ability  to  connect  with  audiences  is  powerful.  His  genuine  desire  to  see  people  be  successful  shines   true  and  drives  him  to  prepare  fully  and  deliver  exceptionally  each  time.” Rhett Laubach, YourNextSpeaker, LLC

“Your speech was awesome. You should patent that speech and remember to Make Your Own Music.” Rita, parent

“Nick is an extraordinary presenter. His strength lies in his ability to achieve group interaction. He has a special knack of not only getting the group to interact with him but getting them to communicate effectively with each other. It is commonplace to see students up writing on flip charts or interacting with one another in activities.” Ms. Jumbeck, Teacher

“Wow man, you’re an amazing group leader. You really have made me think these past three days at camp. I know I’ve changed and I’m going to start looking at things more positive. You’re a great person with amazing values. You are now someone I look up to as a role model.” Clint, Student

“Thank you for making this experience one I’ll never forget. You are an awesome leader and I have a lot of respect for you.” Caitlin, Student

“With your help, I’ve grown from a good national officer candidate to someone who is ready to actually serve as a national FFA officer. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for investing so much time in me and thank you for being a peer mentor and friend. I owe you so much.” Alex Henry, 2009-2010 National FFA Eastern Region Vice President



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