Running into the Storm

I once heard a story of a man who made an observation on the plains of the west. He noticed a very peculiar difference between cows and buffalo.

Out on the plains you can see a storm coming in from miles away as they form just over the Rockies. Cows and buffalo react very different when they see these storms heading their way.


When a heard of cattle see the storm coming, they turn and run from it. I don’t know if you have ever seen a cow but they are not exactly built for speed so the storm eventually catches up to them and they continue to run until the storm passes over. All their running really does is keep them in the storm longer, extending the pain and uncomfortableness.

Buffalo on the other hand, do something very unnatural. When they see a storm coming they don’t turn and run away, instead they charge right at it. Running as fast as they can into the storm. This counterintuitive act actually shortens the length of time they spend in the storm.

The lesson…. be the buffalo.

Too often we turn and run from the storms in our lives. The big project, the uncomfortable conversations with a teammate, or a personal habit change we need to make. We avoid it or waste time working around it, trying to tip toe the easy path that avoids the uncomfortableness.

Sometimes we need to run into the storm. Sometimes the way to get through a difficult situation is to face it head on.

How might this look in you day to day life?

Figure out what that important item is, the one you have been avoiding, and take steps to run into the storm first thing in your day. If it’s a project, make it the first task you do. If it’s a conflict with a teammate, take the first steps to set-up a conversation with them.

Be the buffalo… Run into the Storm.

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