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The Leader Reader is a video series where each week I feature a book that can transform your life. I love to read. I firmly believe that leaders are reader and that a book can impact you life. This week’s featured book is a little one that packs and impressive punch. It will help you matter to the world…with a smile. The featured Leader Reader is…. Smile & Move (a reminder to happily serve) by Sam Parker

Leader Reader - Nick Palkowski Youth Leadership Speaker


I got this book after becoming a big fan of the video on Sam’s previous book 212 the extra degree. Smile & Move is all about using attitude and action to create a better life for you and serve those around you.

As student organization officers this is an indispensable book. The concepts are simple. But the way Sam explains and challenges you to implement them. It will take your leadership and organization to a new level. Not to mention, you will be happier. It’s less focus on you and more serving.

This book is broken down into two parts: We smile by….. and We move by….

Each of these parts have actions that will either make you have a happier life (hence smile) or move you forward.

We smile by…

        • Being awake
        • Being thankful
        • Being approachable
        • Complaining less
        • Smiling, really


We move by…

        • Starting early and going long
        • Going beyond expectations
        • Having a sense of urgency
        • Being resourceful & resilient (with no excuses)

Implementing the principles in smile & move is a great way to kickstart 2013 with the mindset on service. Click the link below to grab your copy.

Smile & Move (a reminder to happily serve)



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