Snap Connections – Using Snapchat to Connect with Members

Working on developing your Facebook and Twitter strategy for reaching your students?


Ok, Facebook and Twitter have their place, but if you really want to connect with students you need to take a look at Snapchat.

What is it?

The fastest way to describe it is a platform to quickly share pictures and short videos with people that disappear within 10 seconds.


Why do you want to use it?

For starters, it’s a fast growing platform for 13–20 year olds. Another reason, it’s delivered right to their phones and is almost guaranteed to be opened by them.

But the real reason is the connection it creates. Snapchat was built for connecting with friends through silly selfies, a way to spread laughs and smiles. With a little imagination you can create that same friendship relationship with your members.

Your main purpose for all social media SHOULD BE to add value.”

How to use it?

Snapchat is designed for the friendship connection, so without thought on how your org can use it you will have bad results. Here are a few important reminders.

1) Keep It Personal

This is not a platform for stoic template meeting reminders. This is a place for the friendship connection.

2) Be Engaging

One sided shouting (broadcast messaging) will yield less then ideal results. Create content that is designed to get responses from your members, and when they respond guess what you do… Respond back! Simple as that.

3) Add Value 

This is ultimately why you want to use social media in the first place, so when you are busy connecting and creating relationships with your members don’t forget to throw the value piece in there.

Does it need to happen in every message? No, in fact it shouldn’t (see Rule 2). But your overall strategy should come from a place of adding value. That could be through meeting reminders, answering questions, giving tips, or driving people out of Snapchat to another medium where you can give more information.

When all is said and done as a student org your main purpose for all social media SHOULD BE to add value.

Here are some quick message suggestions:

Meeting Reminders

Funny pics with theme (i.e. pirate hats, if applicable), meeting location, and time. Remember keep it fun and creative.

Answer Questions

The video feature is great for this! I use it with coaching clients. They submit a question and I susinctly answer it in a broadcast to everyone.

Show Off Events

Grab some snaps of people having a great time at your events and send them out to those who couldn’t make it.

Giving Tips

Getting ready for a speaking contest or final exam… Share some tips on how to prepare or destress through a snap or video.

Contests or Scavenger Hunt

Hold a fun engaging contest with your students or send them on a scavenger hunt. The pictures you send out are the clues and they need to find there way to the prize.

Get creative and stay flexible. It’s likely as Snapchat’s popularity grows there will be changes to the platform along the way. Don’t stress, just see what works for your org and adapt. The biggest key to success with Snapchat… Have fun!

Next month we will dive into the second social media platform that you NEED to focus on but aren’t.

If you want to see a Snapchat strategy in action, let’s connect NickPalkowski, and let me know do you use Snapchat as a student org?

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