Hello and welcome!! If you are just coming into the fold here at, welcome. I’m glad your here.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a gathering place for those passionate about leadership and student organizations. It’s a place to have conversations about taking yourself and your student organization to the next level.

The topics we focus on are student leadership, growth, team dynamics, productivity, and presenting.

A big chunk of my time is spent doing live trainings for high school and college student organizations around the country, and creating training content for the Ninja Leaders program. But my favorite part is connecting directly with the Insiders through this website and our email list. It seems that every week I am getting another email from an Insider and am blown away by the impact these leaders are making.

Hopefully, someday soon I’ll receive one of those emails from you!

Where do I start?

Excellent question. It’s always best to start with introductions…. Hi my names Nick. You can call me Ray Ray….

But seriously, I love hearing from new readers so shoot me an email… Just say hi. You can tell me what organization your in, what your big leadership challenge is, or simply send the word aardvark. It’s all good just send the email!

The next thing you need to know is that there are two main features for this site, the Ninja Leaders Podcast and the Leader Reader.

The Ninja Leaders Podcast is a weekly show where I talk about the latest leadership content, interview outstanding guests, and answer your questions. You can see all the past episodes by going to the Podcast page.

The Leader Reader is a video series where each month I feature a book. I review the featured Leader Reader book and relate it to your life.

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