The Glider: The Right Focus Accelerates Growth

I’ve always been amazed by the Wright Brothers. I’m sure most of you know their story. The first people ever to fly in a motorized airplane. The story you might not know is about their competitor, Samuel Langley. Langley was their closest competition. The difference was striking. He had teams of people working diligently to create the perfect motor to power his airplane design.
The Wright Brothers…they spent their time focusing on their glider. The motor almost seemed like an after thought. 

Without the right glider the engine doesn’t matter. The structure, the foundation, has the greatest impact. 

John Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid. He says that as a leader of an organization, that organization can only grow as far as your leadership level. To get our teams to go to a new level, you need to get your leadership to a new level. But that will only happen with the right focus: You need to first understand and create a solid foundation. You need to spend time growing and developing but its not about some productivity tactics. Focusing on those is like focusing on the engine. 

You need to get you right. 

Your values, your beliefs, your growth plan, your habits. Creating a great organization…

It starts with you. 

What’s part of your glider?

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