The Bucket. 1 Tip to Move You Closer to Your Dreams

Last weekend I was driving in my truck with a friend when she asked

What is the one thing that you need to do before you die?

Not exactly your typical travel conversation but it didn’t really catch me off guard, what did surprise me was how long it took me to answer. Essentially she was asking about what was on my bucket list.

For my Agricultural Education class when I was a senior in high school one of our assignments was to create a 50 item Bucket List. (if you haven’t heard of the concept or seen the movie, a Bucket List is a list of things to do before you kick the proverbial bucket.)

I love thinking and planning for the future. My imagination naturally wanders, so I was excited for this assignment. I remember spending hours thinking of items for the list. I made sure activities weren’t too similar. That they weren’t all trips I could just buy tickets to. That I would have to struggle to accomplish and that they were unique and special to me.

Well…after 6 years and moving 10 times, my Bucket List has disappeared probably buried in an obscure box in the corner of the basement never to be seen again.

Why you need a Bucket List

The Bucket List is for those experiences that you know will make lasting memories. They should be special. They should be unique. They should challenge you.

For me they are goals. Extremely long range goals for some of them. Others are specifically trips or experiences I want to have. I think the best Bucket Lists focus on both.

The 1 tip guaranteed to help you achieve your list

The original Bucket List I made is never going to happen. Even if I end up finding my list it is unlikely that I will accomplish the items simply because I have not focused on them. I couldn’t even recall what some were when my friend asked.

By far the best advice to help you achieve your list is to review it daily. Just like you would with any goal (more goal setting tips in future post).

Read through your Bucket List every day


Create a ten item Bucket List. Do it now. The first 20 or so are relatively easy, so don’t put these first ten off.

Now, set the list somewhere where you will look at it every…single…day. Nightstand by your bed, read it before falling asleep. Bathroom mirror, read while getting ready. Your computer desk, read before checking the Book of the Face.

Just start looking at it.

Once you create your list, go out and get to work on crossing it off. That’s the whole point. After all, we are all a day closer to kicking our buckets.

Question: How are you going to use your bucket list?

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