Why you need to be intentional

Intentional growth - Student Leadership Speaker Nick Palkowski

The coffee is slowly pouring on this early morning and I’m up ready to jump into my morning routine.

Why am I up so early?

Because growth is NOT an automatic process.

You don’t just get better by chance. It takes intention, you need to plan. You need to envision a destination and you need to create a plan how to overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

For me, personal growth is one of the most important things I can do.

If I want to get better. If I want to reach a level 10 life I need to be intentional.

That means waking up at 5 a.m. and going through my morning routine. This is by far THE most valuable part of my day and it fuels my motivation. It gets me excited and energized. Increases my productivity and enjoyment for the day.

What do you need to be intentional about your life?

If you would like more information about creating your morning routine my friend Hal Elrod has a concept called Miracle Morning that you should check out. It’s not the exact routine I follow, I’ll eventually create a post on mine for you. Hal does a great job at giving you a basic framework to get started.

Tonight, Hal has a special training call where he is going to walk you through a blueprint on how to create your BEST YEAR EVER. This is going to be an awesome call you won’t want to miss. I’ll be there with pen and notebook ready! To register for free go to


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