Woohoooo!! You’re IN!!

Congratulations on making a commitment to improving your life.

You’ve taken a great step towards living your life of awesomeness. But now is when the work begins. Now, it’s time to focus on creating habits that will take you to the next level. That will allow you to live awesomeness.

Here is how this program will work.

Step 1 – Write down your commitment. What action are you committed to taking day after day to move you forward? What is that new habit you NEED to build into your life? Run 30 minutes everyday… write 500 words a day… follow your morning routine… Whatever that commitment is you need to write it down. Write it somewhere where you will look at it everyday. Maybe the first page of your journal, a piece of paper you post above your desk, or a notecard you carry in your pocket. Have it in a spot that allows you to read it at least once a day.

Step 2 – Do the Work!! Here is where the rubber meets the road. It’s time to get down to business. Having a great plan, setting up an accountability systems means absolutely nothing without YOU taking action. Follow through on your commitment. Take Action.

Step 3 – Check in. This is were the accountability system really comes into play. You will receive an email/text (depending on program) at about 1 pm EST every day. Respond to that email or text by clicking the link that best describes the action you took. Yes I followed through on my commitment or No I have not completed my commitment, that’s as simple as it gets. It’s a gut check time. Each link will take you to a different page and there I ask you to state publicly about the action you are taking.

There will be additional follow-up messages sent to you based on how you respond (i.e. several days where you meet your commitment you receive a special bonus prize, several no’s you would receive a special bonus training).

Additional training: About every other week you will also be receiving a short audio or video message from me talking about the science of habit creation with tips on how to make it more effective for you.

You know what you need to do. Now, it’s time to get to work.

Here’s to your awesomeness.


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